Only in Fantasy

2023 Clio Sports, Creative Effectiveness - Silver


Meeting the parents. Overly-enthusiastic Über drivers.
The overwhelming awkwardness of just being a human.

For all of this and so much more, Fantasy is the answer.

I have never laughed harder during a shoot than I did for this project. 
The crew and talent on this one were truly top-notch, and a crucial reminder of why being absolutely buttoned up is so important — it gives you time to improv and play.

There was no better example of this than our wonderfully wacky Über driver, Steve.

Our OOH campaign demonstrated the wide range of problems that can be solved with Fantasy Football.

And I also get to say that something I animated was live in Times Square, so that’s pretty cool.

Agency BSSP
ECD Sinan Dagli
CD Robyn Tenenbaum
Sr CW Justin Cannon
AD Lauren Byers
Producer Cade Wallace

Production ArtClass
Director Vincent Peone
Post, Mackcut — Brendan Hogan